Biography EFREMOVA Svetlana.

Svetlana was born and grew up in Kazakhstan. Since childhood Svetlana was interested in painting, her father was an artist, so girl have spent all her spare time in father's workshop. 

The girl studied at the art school, participated in different children's exhibitions. While still a teenager Svetlana worked in a cinema by painting posters of new movies. 

In 1997, Svetlana moved to Russia, in city Perm. Here she finished specialized school in the specialty "designer", then Svetlana have studied with honours the art Lyceum on the profile of "graphic designer". Later Svetlana graduated from the Moscow Institute of fashion.

Svetlana have worked in Perm as a designer in advertising and marketing for a relatively long time. But in these years she never forgot about the painting, realised her talent in the creation of a collection of costumes for ballroom sport dancing. 

In 2014, Svetlana decides to return seriously to the painting and moved to her dream city, the city of art and inspiration – Paris. 

Here she currently is studying at the École supérieure des arts appliqués | École Duperré Paris in the class "creating murals". Also Svetlana became a student of the Ecole professionnelle supérieure d'arts graphiques de la Ville de Paris, study the effect of color. 


Svetlana continues to experiment, to paint and to exhibit in Europe. 

One of the main themes of works of Svetlana - lines of the human body. 

"To write a naked body – the artist speaks, is all the same that to bare a soul and to show as perfectly that is hidden usually bashfully under clothes of the person, but without vulgarity."